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Easter Bunny Buddy – Free Crochet Pattern

Easter is an interesting holiday in our family. Not because we go all out or have lots of plans or anything; actually it's the opposite. Growing up my dad was (and still is) a pastor. In my experience being the Pastor's family meant big church holidays were a little different. Because Easter was a long… Continue reading Easter Bunny Buddy – Free Crochet Pattern

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Scandinavian Gnome – Free Crochet Pattern

My husband's family is Scandinavian. At least that is what he thought. His family was known to hail from Friesland and have traces all the way back to the Vikings. Almost everyone in his family is large in stature and personality; totally fitting for Viking descendants. Being his family was 'for sure' Scandinavian we have… Continue reading Scandinavian Gnome – Free Crochet Pattern