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Easy Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

I have learned over the years some tricks to group DIY projects. Being the crafty person in most groups (in comparison anyway) I have often become the go to for group project planning and execution. Which is great and I love doing it! But there were a few things I had to learn along the… Continue reading Easy Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

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Crayon Mason Jar Cover – Free Crochet Pattern

The highly anticipated/dreaded event of the first day of school will soon be upon us. According to Facebook for most it is already here; but apparently we are a little behind in this small town so we still have a good week and a half. While I am thrilled so many of you enjoyed my… Continue reading Crayon Mason Jar Cover – Free Crochet Pattern

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Sprouting Jar Lids For Under $2!

At our house, we have always liked to do things DIY if possible; and that lead to taking steps towards self-sustainability. Now, while we live in a modern house with modern convenience in town we still like to take little steps here and there towards being more self reliant. I wouldn't call us full fledge… Continue reading Sprouting Jar Lids For Under $2!

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DIY Astronaut Halloween Costume

October is always so busy. And this year has been no exception! Now, in fairness, I usually do this to myself so I can't complain; I just love Halloween! This year the first big Halloween event we had planned to go to was the John Jay French House Museum's Pumpkin Walk. Say that a few… Continue reading DIY Astronaut Halloween Costume