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Homemade Tangrams for Beginners

Auden loves tangrams! If you don’t know what they are, tangrams are a set of different shapes you can use to make designs either by following an existing design or making them up yourself. These are great for teaching kids shapes, patterns, and problem solving. Usually they are made of wooden or plastic blocks. This set you can easily print out and cut out the shapes to make your own at home.

This printable set includes one page of tangram shapes and five different puzzles, one set that have the colored blocks to help beginners and one set that are gray-ed out for a more challenging puzzle. Once your kids have the hang of it you can let them design their own puzzles or you can print and cut out more shapes to have even more options for designs! With a bit of creativity the possibilities are endless. And the best part, most kids can do it themselves with little help once they get the hang of it which can mean some seriously needed quiet time for mom.

This is a totally free printable that I put together just for you with absolutely no strings attached! I do ask that you consider subscribing to my blog for future freebies and to share this with your friends who could use it!

Since it is a free resource I am giving to you, please do not copy or re-distribute or make profit off of this in anyway. Let’s work on helping each other in this time of uncertainty.

Till next time,


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