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Easy Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

I have learned over the years some tricks to group DIY projects. Being the crafty person in most groups (in comparison anyway) I have often become the go to for group project planning and execution. Which is great and I love doing it! But there were a few things I had to learn along the way (and probably will still learn) to make the whole DIY experience enjoyable to everyone in the group.

For starters, keep it simple! Not everyone is naturally crafty, and some people don’t have a single crafty bone in their body despite their desires to make that cute stuff too. So always plan your crafts for a large group as if you are planning it for a class of elementary students. (No offense to all my lovely friends who are super smart and talented just maybe not at this particular thing that have done group crafts with me before! I love y’all!) Another tip, plan similarly for what you will be using in your craft. Most elementary students don’t know how to effectively use needle-nose pliers with wire or whatever; a lot of grown ups don’t either. The last biggest trick I have learned is to have as much done in advance as possible. Obviously you don’t want to do all the work otherwise they won’t feel like they actually did anything, but it doesn’t hurt to do all the cutting and maybe even a tiny bit of pre-assembly.

All that said, this Christmas season I had to come up with another fun and festive group project. The girls and I started Pinteresting and brainstorming and this is what we came up with. Super simple yet still really elegant when it is done. Almost everything can be done in advance and even though hot glue guns are an iffy item according to the rules above they get the job done the fastest so it worked. All in all when I did this project even before having it all prepped it took about 6 minutes to make. In a group setting with everything prepped in advance was about the same on average.

This project was not only super fast and easy to make, but super cost effective! The only main supply item I couldn’t find at the Dollar Tree was the fabric which I got for $0.97 at Walmart as a fat quarter. The mason jar lid and ring (bought attached to a jar), the wooden cutouts, the string, the floral pick, and even the glue I got at the Dollar Tree. Taking into account making these as a group and dividing the items that came in bulk this project cost all of $1.50 to make each. Now if you were buying all the supplies to make just one they’re more like $5 each, but with all the extra supplies why not make a full set?

I put together a little video with instructions as well as a written tutorial below! I’m playing with a new video editor so forgive me if it is funky! Don’t forget to pin the post for future reference or tag me in your own pics! I would love to see what variations you make!

Farmhouse Christmas Ornament DIY

Mason Jar Lid and Ring
Wooden Cutout or Button
Floral Pick

Other Supplies Needed:
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Step One:
Cut out your fabric into a square that you can fit the lid on.

Step Two:
Glue around the raised edge of the lid and set it on the fabric. If your fabric is one sided make sure you glue it to the not pretty side.

Step Three:
Cut off the excess fabric leaving about a quarter inch edge around the lid.

Step Four:
Glue around the inside of the ring and insert the lid into it. Don’t worry about extra glue or loose strings, those can all be torn off once the glue is dry.

Step Five:
Glue on your wooden piece. Mine came with little stickers on the back but I peeled it off and used the glue.

Step Six:
Cut a 6-8″ length of string and make a large knot in the ends. Glue the knot to the back of your ring. Make sure it lines up with your wooden piece on front.

Step Seven:
Take apart your floral pick and cut pieces off then glue them down. I usually will take a couple pieces for a base then glue them on and add to it as needed.

Step Eight:
Hang that puppy on the tree and admire your work! Don’t forget to tag @makeitsewcrochet in your grams and pictures! I love to see how you take the base idea and put your own spin on it!

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