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Scandinavian Gnome Bottle Topper

The holidays are officially upon us and with all the parties comes the need for a super original hostess gift. Anyone else? No, just me? Well whether you need an original and cute hostess gift or a gift for a coworker or friend, this Scandinavian gnome bottle topper is a perfect and easy to make choice!

If you’ve been around here before you know we like gnomes in our house. Not like the creepy garden variety but rather of the Scandinavian sort. My husbands family (and mine as well as we found out from a recent DNA test) is rich with Scandinavian heritage which led to my discovery of the Nisse, a type of Scandinavian gnome. As not to upset any Scandinavian friends out there who wouldn’t appreciate my abridged version of what that is and why it is I will send you to some links to discover the history and legend for yourself.

Needless to say between this and how just cool they are we have many in our home, some I have posted patterns for before. So this year as we have been shopping around and I have been seeing these guys EVERYWHERE I figured it was time for another pattern. This time why not something super quick, easy, and giftable!

He is also quite customizable. Change his colors to make him the perfect decor piece or housewarming gift all year long! You can change up his beard or go with braids and no beard at all to make him a her. Totally up to you and your imagination! I would love to see what you come up with so be sure to tag me @makeitsewcrochet in all your awesome gnome pictures!

If you would prefer to buy an ad-free printable version you can click here to find this pattern in my Ravelry store.

Scandinavian Gnome Wine Bottle Topper

Pattern by Lizz Jelsma

Materials Used:
G or 4.25 MM Hook
1 Ball Worsted Weight Yarn Each in Red and Nude
1 Ball Bulky Weight Yarn in White
Stitch Marker (to mark ends of rounds if needed)
Tiny Bit of Fiberfill
Tapestry Needle

Stitches Used:
CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
DEC – Single Crochet Decrease
FLO – Front Loops Only
SLST – Slip Stitch

This pattern is written using American crochet terms.
Approximate finished size is 9.5” tall from top to bottom of the hat and 4” in diameter at its widest spot..
To make smaller or larger try varying the hook size and yarn weight.

Hat (In Red)
Row 1: Create a magic circle, CH 1 and SC 6 into the circle then pull tight. You may also use a CH 2 and 6 SC into the first chain then pull tight. Do not join. (6)
Row 2: SC 6 (6)
Row 3: INC, SC 5 (7)
Row 4: SC 7 (7)
Row 5: INC, SC 6 (8)
Row 6: SC 8 (8)
Row 7: INC, SC 7 (9)
Row 8: SC 9 (9)
Row 9: INC, SC 8 (10)
Row 10: SC 10 (10)
Row 11: INC, SC 9 (11)
Row 12: SC 11 (11)
Row 13: INC, SC 10 (12)
Row 14: SC 12 (12)
Row 15: INC, SC 11 (13)
Row 16: SC 13 (13)
Row 17: INC, SC 12 (14)
Row 18: SC 14 (14)
Row 19: INC, SC 13 (15)
Row 20: SC 15 (15)
Row 21: INC, SC 14 (16)
Row 22: SC 16 (16)
Row 23: INC, SC 15 (17)
Row 24: SC 17 (17)
Row 25: INC, SC 16 (18)
Row 26: SC 18 (18)
Row 27: *INC, SC 5* 3 times (21)
Row 28: SC 21 (21)
Row 29: *INC, SC 6* 3 times (24)
Row 30: SC 24 (24)
Row 31: *INC, SC 7* 3 times (27)
Row 32: SC 27 (27)
Row 33: *INC, SC 8* 3 times (30)
Row 34: SC 30 (30)
Row 35: *INC, SC 4* 6 times (36)
Row 36-37: SC 36 (36)
Row 38: *INC, SC 5* 6 times (42)
Row 39-40: SC 42 (42)
Row 41: *INC, SC 6* 6 times (48)
Row 42-43: SC 48 (48)
Row 44: *INC, SC 7* 6 times (54)
Row 45-49: SC 54 (54)
Row 50: In FLO, SC 54 (54)
Row 51: SC 54 (54)
Row 52: SC 54 (54) Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing. 

Nose (In Nude)
Row 1: Create a magic circle, CH 1 and SC 6 into the circle then pull tight. You may also use a CH 2 and 6 SC into the first chain then pull tight. Do not join. (6)
Row 2: INC 6 (12)
Row 3-4: SC 12 (12)
Row 5: DEC 6 times (6)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing, stuff with fiberfill, then weave tail through the remaining stitches and pull tight to close. Leave a tail to attach with. You will attach the nose after you’ve attached the beard.

Beard (In White)
Cut pieces of your Bulky, white yarn to double the length you want your beard. I cut mine into 7” pieces. You can make as many or few as you would like for your gnome, I did 13 pieces for mine. Take a single piece and fold it in half. You will be looping these through and over themselves on the back loops from Row 50 in the hat. I started in the loop opposite the finished knot in the piece and worked equally on both sides. Once your beard is attached you can cut it evenly or at an angle or however you would prefer.

Now you can attach the nose. I used the tail from the nose to attach it to the inside of the hat in the center of the beard. You basically want the edge of the hat to drape over the nose and secure it to the inside of the brim so no off color yarn shows through the hat. 

© 2019 Make It Sew Crochet
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