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It’s Preparedness Season! Post 4 – Family Emergency Binder

If you are reading this it is likely you are in search for building your own Home Emergency Preparedness Kit. If not and you’ve come here to learn about crochet and other DIY projects, no worries they are here on a different page, but while you are here check out my previous post about why I’m running off topic for a couple of posts and why you should make your own Home Emergency Preparedness Kit. You can read all about that here:

It’s Preparedness Season! Post 1 – The Intro

We’ve gone over what should be in your Home Emergency Preparedness Kits in the last two posts; if you missed them you can find those here:

It’s Preparedness Season! Post 2 – The Essentials
It’s Preparedness Season! Post 3 – The Long List

Now we need to talk about one piece of that kit in particular; the Family Emergency Binder. Every family should have a Family Emergency Binder. Or at least some type of equivalent. The FEB is where our lives are, or at least the paperwork to prove it. It is so important to have everything together and accessible for more than just disaster preparedness, but that is what brings us to it today. This binder is kept in our Waterproof/Fireproof Lock Box at an undisclosed location in our home. My husband knows where it is and how to access it, I know where it is and how to access it, and in case of emergency I have two different family members who know where it is and how to access it. When our son is older and can grasp the concept of keeping certain things a secret he will also know. I know it can be a bit scary keeping all this sensitive info in one place, but in most disaster or emergency situations you don’t have time to find everything. Keep it safe, keep it secret.

Below is a list of everything we have in our FEB. I have it broken down into sections with dividers to help me find things easily.

In Case of Emergency

Family Meeting Spots
Evacuation Plans
Evacuation Checklist
Evacuation Routes and Map
Local Maps
Family and Friends Contact List (Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Emails)
Emergency Phone Numbers (Local Police Department, Fire, Ambulance, Poison Control, Doctor Office, Pediatric Office, Utility Companies, Landlord, Road Conditions)
Utilities Account Numbers and Contact Info
List of Monthly Bills and Their Due Dates and How to Pay
Financial Account Numbers and Contact Info
Insurance Provider Account Numbers and Contact Info
Medical Provider Contact Info
Account Usernames and Passwords for Vital Accounts, Also Safe Combinations and other lock info
Home Emergency Preparedness Kit Supply Catalogue

Personal Documents

Birth Certificates
Copies of Driver’s License
Social Security Cards
Military Records
Immunization Records
Health Papers (Glasses Prescription, Allergy or Dietary Restrictions)
Fingerprints and Description for Each Family Member

Testamentary Documents

Will (Every adult in the house needs a will! It can be done online for free if you can’t afford a lawyer, just get it done!)
Trust and Amendments
Contact Info for Everyone Named in Will/Trust and Amendments
Living Will
Power of Attorney


Home Inventory List with Pictures
Car Note Info


Policy Summary Pages
ID Cards
Vehicle Registration

Tax and Investment Documents

Income Tax Returns for 3 Years
Property Tax Statements
Investment Plan Summaries
Stock Certificates
Certificates of Deposit

Legal Documents

Marriage Certificates
Divorce/Custody Paperwork
Other Contracts
Utility Bill as Proof of Residency
Adoption Papers


Recent and Old Family Photos
Emergency Cash (We try to keep at least $100)

Sorry this was a more boring post than the previous ones, but this is pretty cut and dry stuff. Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comments below what I need to add! If you are ready to learn all about how to store all this crazy mess you can find the next post and all the rest in this series below:

It’s Preparedness Season! Post 1 – The Intro
It’s Preparedness Season! Post 2 – The Essentials
It’s Preparedness Season! Post 3 – The Long List
It’s Preparedness Season! Post 5 – Storage
It’s Preparedness Season! Post 6 – Getting Through the Storm


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