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It’s Preparedness Season! Post 1 – The Intro

So, I am fully aware that this is supposed to be a crochet/DIY blog as per me setting it up that way. However, I’d like to take a few posts to talk about something else that is super important to me; emergency preparedness! Don’t worry; I’ll go back to crochet and DIY projects soon! For now let’s talk about natural disasters; in particular hurricanes.

We currently live in Southeast Texas in an area around Beaumont. For anyone not from that area we are just slightly far enough away from Houston to not usually be considered a suburb. So when Houston was hit with Hurricane Harvey in 2017 we were right in the middle of it. Our home is luckily in one of the few spots in our area to be high enough to not have been affected by flooding but many of our neighbors and friends were not so lucky. On top of that we were hit with the crazy rain and winds which did leave an impact on our property. Because we had been watching the tropics closely all season and had seen a large hurricane was potentially about to hit us I took the then two year old up to my parents home in Texarkana while my husband and sister stayed at home. In the almost two weeks following the initial hit they were secluded in our neighborhood and small town as water blocked off all roads in or out. A lot of our friends went through the ringer; no running water, no electricity, no way to get more supplies, and that’s if they weren’t forced to evacuate their home due to raging flood waters.

On to our second season since Harvey now and things have gone back to a new normal, but the scars can still be seen if you know where to look for them. With that disaster under our belts it was imperative for us to refine our home emergency kit and keep it well up to date and ready at any time. As we began doing this we have found more and more of our friends, even those who experienced Harvey with us, still don’t have home emergency kits built. So to help my friends near, and those reading from afar, I have decided to put together this little guide for our emergency preparedness kit. It is not perfect, and we are always making changes here and there depending on our situation, but it is a great place to start for anyone looking to start their own.

Because there is a lot that goes into a Home Emergency Preparedness Kit (or HEPK) we are going to break this up into a couple of different posts. This particular kit is built based largely on our location, so though it would be a great place to start your own HEPK do keep your own local weather and situation in mind. Also I am not a lawyer and I’m not a doctor or anything so take what I give here as hearsay from a friend who has learned on the go and from experience, and if you see something I say is wrong or needs correcting please share that in the comments below or in a message! I am always looking for suggestions to hone our own kit to better prepare us for disaster. No one ever wants to live through a disaster, but we should all be prepared to do so.

Below are the different sections for building your own Home Emergency Preparedness Kit.

It’s Preparedness Season! Post 2 – The Essentials (Start Here!)
It’s Preparedness Season! Post 3 – The Long List
It’s Preparedness Season! Post 4 – Family Emergency Binder
It’s Preparedness Season! Post 5 – Storage
It’s Preparedness Season! Post 6 – Getting Through the Storm

I hope this little detour from the norm is as useful to you and your family as it has been to ours. If it has been please share this with your friends and family to help them build a kit of their own. Let me know how you have changed your kit to better suit your situation or any tips and tricks you have learned along the way!

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