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Sprouting Jar Lids For Under $2!

At our house, we have always liked to do things DIY if possible; and that lead to taking steps towards self-sustainability. Now, while we live in a modern house with modern convenience in town we still like to take little steps here and there towards being more self reliant. I wouldn’t call us full fledge preppers by any means, but we could probably hold our own for a time.

One of the bigger steps we have taken recently is to dive into the world of backyard chickens. Let me tell you, that is a heck of a daunting step! It was a lot of work but so far has paid off between the amazing fresh yard eggs and the fun of having chickens around (not to mention the drastic decrease in bugs near and in our home, thank you Jesus!). So while looking up some more small steps we could take that might benefit our feathered friends I came across seed sprouting.

It’s been raining non-stop so instead of a current picture of wet and non-photogenic chickens here is a cute picture from one of our more cuddly chickens when they were but teens in chicken years.

Sprouting seeds at home is a super simple way to add a little bit of green nourishment in chicken’s lives even in the dead of winter; or in our case after being cooped up in their run for days on end because of rain. I haven’t tried sprouting seeds for our own consumption yet; that’s a whole other can of…..seeds….. but so far the chickens have been loving their newest daily snack, and I have been loving cutting down on the feed bill!

Getting started can be a bit pricey if you are looking at all the fancy trays and jars and whatnot that you find when browsing Amazon, so instead I opted to make my own. I bought the plastic canvas at Hobby Lobby for $.69 and had the quart sized mason jars on hand. When your jars are all ready you can go by any local feed store to grab some seeds. I started out with basic wheat berries which I got at our local feed store for less than a dollar for a pound. All in all to fully get started cost me less than $2! And that would even be if I had to buy the jar!

Homemade Sprouting Jar Lids

Quart Mason Jar with Lid and Ring
Plastic Canvas


Step 1: Remove the ring and lid from the jar; place the lid on the canvas and trace it as many times as jars you have.


Step 2: Cut out the circles on the inside of the Sharpie line.


Step 3: Place the canvas lid on top of the jar, fit the ring on top, and twist it on.


And voila! You are all set to start sprouting your very own seeds! It’s almost so easy it would be a crime to buy these pre-made!

If you are interested in sprouting your own seeds with your new sprouting jar lids you can check out this video on YouTube or here is the blog post I used to start my first sprouts!

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