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DIY Astronaut Halloween Costume


October is always so busy. And this year has been no exception! Now, in fairness, I usually do this to myself so I can’t complain; I just love Halloween! This year the first big Halloween event we had planned to go to was the John Jay French House Museum’s Pumpkin Walk. Say that a few times fast. This is a fun little event held by the Beaumont Heritage Society. It is held at the oldest and in fact first home built in Jefferson County that used to be home to the French family. They do a nighttime tour of the house; a haunted hay ride; and even a craft for the kids. But my favorite part is the pumpkin decorating competition.


In case you didn’t know I can be rather competitive. I try not to let it ruin anything for me; but I do love a good competition so I have been busy crocheting away for my pumpkin this year. That post is still to come ;). However, that meant I did not spend nearly as much time on our costumes this year.

Auden’s first Halloween I crocheted his costume; but after that I decided I had too much else I was crocheting or doing for Halloween that I would just buy the main part of his costume. He wears it most of the year anyway (in fact he has been wearing the Charmander costume from his second Halloween for the last three years non-stop) so I look for a sturdy, well made costume from other crafters if I can. This year was a bit more difficult as he wanted to be an astronaut. I don’t know if astronauts just aren’t in this year but no -one seems to make a good astronaut costume or if they do I could not find it; so I settled with a nice mass produced one on sale.


As much as I can justify buying Auden’s costumes since he will continually wear them, I really can’t justify that for Shane and I. Yes I am that mom who still dresses up and honestly the day I don’t dress up for Halloween will be a very sad day for me indeed. Shane usually just goes with whatever we can talk him into. So I set about looking for an inexpensive way to make our astronaut costumes.

This is what I came up with. I wish I had taken better pictures while I was putting them together but alas I did not. Maybe I can if I ever have the need to make a new one. Once I got all the materials it was actually pretty easy to make. All it is is a pair of cheap painters coveralls from Lowes, some black duct tape, a blue hat, and some iron on transfers I had in the craft room. I would have prefered an orange or dark blue suit but legit coveralls in those colors are pretty expensive. Just make sure you get the painters coveralls that are not paper but the thicker plastic.


I did write in the instructions a couple things differently than I did them; mostly because I learned from my mistakes. Number one is I placed the shoulder patches too low on Shane’s costume and WAY too low on mine. Opps. Take note of where those things should sit when you are trying it on. Also google a picture to help with placement.

All in all these costumes cost about $16 each although I already had the heat transfers on hand. They would end up somewhere at the $20 each mark when you take those into account I think. Still way better than the $60 price tag on the Astronaut suits at Spirit that didn’t even come in my size.

DIY Astronaut Halloween Costume Homemade Craft Make It Sew Crochet Blog

Materials Needed:

Thick Painters Coveralls (We got ours at Lowes)
Black Duct Tape
Blue Hat (Or any color that matches)
Iron On Transfers
Mod Podge or other Glue
Plastic Wrap (Optional)

Step One

Make sure your coveralls fit. For real this is an important step that if missed could mess up everything. Take note of where your shoulders are when it is on as well as where pockets would normally go.

Step Two

Place the duct tape. This is so much easier with a friend to help. We started by putting duct tape from the top of the shoulder down to just above the waist on the front and back. Next, at the level of the bottom of the duct tape just placed and starting at the zipper fold a little tab at the end then make a run all around the waist to the other side of the zipper, leave a little folded over tab here too. You’ll want to place duct tape around the wrists which will need to be held taught to stretch the elastic. Then cut a piece of duct tape long wise in half and place where the pockets should go.

The last step with the duct tape is to roll the hood down into itself then tape it like a collar. I placed three long pieces from the inside of the suit around the rolled collar to the outside then covered the collar in duct tape. Be careful of loose tape that will catch your hair. Ouch!


Step Three

Print out your transfers following the instructions on the package. All the transfers but the hat will be glued on so make the proper adjustments for how the image is displayed. The transfers can’t be heat applied to the suits because they melt at such a low heat so I used the transfers since they were so light and flexible once removed from the backing paper and glued them into place.


For the images I found some online and scaled them to the right size to print in Google Docs. I used Ipiccy to make the name badge; using their Create a Design tool I made a blank canvas of 4000 x 1000 pixels and used shapes to make the badge then fill with our last name. I have included the blank badge below if you would like to add your name to the one I made. The nasa badge and mission badge were both just googled.

Next, don’t forget to add your image to the hat. This accessory really does help make the whole costume come together. You could use any NASA logo or emblem.


Step Four

We skipped this step, obviously, but I may still do this before our next event. If you don’t have any black boots that will work for space boots then you can make them. Take a pair of boots and wrap the outside in plastic wrap then cover the boots in duct tape. This way you can remove the duct tape and plastic wrap easily when you’re party’s over and they still look pretty good.


Yeah I take terrible pictures; that and my suit was a bit tight around the legs so when I was posing to look nice it turned out to mess it all up. Also Shane has a habit of always being in the back of the picture…I mean what is that about? 😛

Live long and prosper, may the force be with you, and any other space related term I can’t think of at the moment. (Yes I know neither of those shows or movies really feature a space suit like these but I can’t think of a good line from Doctor Who or Apollo 13 or anything else) Have a wonderful and happy Halloween!

Free NASA Name Badge – Right click and save image as… I recommend using to add your name.

NASA Name Tape

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