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Vintage Inspired Halloween Pumpkin


I warned you! I told you how obsessed I was with Halloween and you didn’t believe me. Ok, maybe you did but that just means you are smart. Anyway I am back with a buddy for my Vintage Inspired Halloween Cat I debuted a while back and I can’t decide which I love more!

Sure the cat has much more detail but that’s the beauty of the pumpkin; minimal detail yet still so hauntingly adorable. Of course I used the same body just with reversed colors, and the same hat with reversed colors as well. But there is just something eerie about the simplicity of a pumpkin, ya know?


The mouth was a challenge at first. I was unsure how complicated I wanted to make it. I had originally intended a much more intricate twisted smile but when I started to sew it on it just crowded the face too much. After a couple days of deliberating I decided to try something crazy.


His mouth is very haphazardly sewn on; first in a jagged line then I added the stitch marks. Up close it is very unsettling. I must say; I am in love with how he turned out!

You can find the pattern for my Vintage Inspired Halloween Pumpkin HERE in my Ravelry store.

These two are just perfect together! But they are missing one thing; I’m thinking a ghastly friend. Three is the magic number after all.



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