Behind Make It Sew


Hey y’all! I am Lizz, the woman behind the keyboard here at Make It Sew. For my very first blog post I thought I would introduce myself and what we are wanting to accomplish here. Make It Sew was born out of my love for crochet and crafting. I have been a lifelong maker and have been honing my various crafts for many years. A few years ago I learned crochet and was instantly ‘hooked’. I began to crochet all types of projects and soon learned to combine my design skills and crochet to begin writing my own patterns.

The Make It Sew Blog was created as a place to share my patterns and other crafts with the crafting community. I have garnered so much knowledge and inspiration from other craft and crochet bloggers; I felt it was time to give back. I’ve often made smaller, freebie patterns to take a break from my larger projects and have needed a place to share them.


I am also looking forward to sharing my other crafts and projects with you through this blog. My family and I are lifelong DIYers who will try to make almost anything we need. In the last year we decided to slowly build an Urban Homestead in Southeastern Texas on our small, one acre property in town. I am excited to share these projects along with my crochet patterns and other crafts with you here.

A little about us; my husband, son, and I live in Southeast Texas in a small town near the coast. When we are not working we are outside playing. We enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, shooting, geocaching, hiking, kayaking……yeah we like it outside. Also, if you noticed the name or keep up with the blog you will soon learn I am a total nerd. I love all things superhero, Pokemon, Halloween, and just about anything with the word star in the name.


As for other hobbies, my husband is by far a better chef and does almost all the cooking at home; though I do enjoy trying to bake every once in a while. We don’t have any pets currently, per se, but we do have a small flock of backyard chickens who have all ranges of crazy personalities to keep us entertained.

Thank you for joining me in this journey and a huge shout out to all the amazing members of the crochet and crafting online community; I would never have gotten as far in any of my endeavours without you and I hope I can do my part to give some back.


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